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Australia’s Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2022

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Good sleep is critical to a healthy pregnancy yet it is so hard to achieve. Expectant moms toss and turn all night to find a sleeping position that’s comfortable yet supportive of their belly and the back. Ladies, perhaps what you need is an ergonomically-designed pregnancy pillow. We evaluated them for their size, shape, material, comfort, terms & conditions, and, of course, the promise of comfort and pain-relief.

To all the Aussie moms, we wish you restful sleep and comfort during your pregnancy and we congratulate you on your upcoming bundle of joy. To make your life a lot easier, we set out to discover and review the best pregnancy pillows in Australia

Discover our picks: Australia’s top-rated pregnancy pillows



PharMeDoc U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Best for hip/back pain



Across 23,729 user reviews

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Best C-shaped



Across 22,022 user reviews

QUEEN ROSE 55in Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Editor's Choice



Across 13,848 user reviews

Ultimate Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillow

Most Supportive



Across 32 user reviews

Ovela Support Hug Maternity Pillow

Best Budget



Across 74 user reviews

Butterfly Maternity Pillow With Cover

Compact option



Across 189 user reviews


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What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

It is what it sounds like. It’s a full-body pillow designed to support your body through the pregnancy, during the nursing period and even well after. For your body to do the hard work of growing a tiny human, you need long hours of restful sleep for your body to heal and regenerate. 

We know that pain and cramps and other pregnancy ailments can plague you out of any hopes of a dream-filled sleep but a pregnancy pillow can help! It can provide the posture you need to alleviate back and hip pain and can wrap you in a cosy hug you deserve.

Detailed Product Reviews

Here’s our six picks, all available in Australia and ALL outstanding. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide below to help you make an informed decision.

We are pretty confident you will love our list and find the one for you but we must make it clear, our recommendation is not a substitute for medical advice in any way.

1. U-shaped PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow – Best for hip and back pain


There’s a lot to be said about the Queen Rose U-shaped maternity pillow, starting with its U shape. Designed just for the needs of the pregnant women, it lends required support for back and side sleeping position. 

As per the manufacturer claims it helps to improve your blood circulation, helping to supply crucial blood and nutrients to the fetus during pregnancy and preventing hypertension. Further it also helps reduce that uncomfortable swelling in your legs and feet as well as keeps your body in the perfect resting position.

You can use this pillow in many ways. Are you suffering from heartburn? Recline with this pillow to find relief. Or, are your joints giving you a hard time? Tuck one side of the pillow beneath your knee to align your spine and hips and achieve a comfortable posture.

Talking of its construction, the pillow is filled with PP Fabric Cotton that helps to hold the shape of the pillow well, making it anti-pilling, anti-static and also providing fluffy support to improve your breathing.

In short, this 55-inch pillow offers head-to-toe comfort when you are napping, sleeping, reading, watching TV or breastfeeding later. So just wrap one arm around it and sleep snug. And luxuriously! 

Available in two pretty shades of blue and pink, the cover is made up of breathable 100% cotton cover, which you can unzip, remove, and wash. While one customer did find the pillowcase “scratchy”, the majority hailed the pillow for its snug texture.

Being sold at $72.99, it offers a one-year warranty, and if you aren’t satisfied with the construct of your pillow, this company will refund your money simply for inconveniencing you.

Our findings were consistent with the general user experience. Queen Rose 55in Full Body U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow has got an average of 4.5-star rating from over 7,000 customers on Amazon! 

One Aussie mom aka Ru1sR33 describes her experience:

“Bought this one while pregnant with baby #4. It’s the best one I’ve had. Previous types I’ve had went flat or lost shape too quickly, this one is nicely firm and has held its shape... even has zipper access to stuffing if you wanted to put more in. I highly recommend this pillow. I’m even getting more so I don’t have to fight over it with my kids, who beg to sleep with it.”

Final verdict: From the U-shaped ergonomics to the removable, cosy cover, we believe the Queen Rose 55in Full Body U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow covers all the bases of a great mommy pillow. It seems to provide relief to achy back and legs, wrap your whole body in a comfortable supportive hug and offer a luxurious surface to sleep on.

2. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow – Best C-Shaped


If a U-shaped pillow feels a bit wonky or overwhelming to you, get your hands at a C-shaped one. We are going with PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow and let’s tell you why.

First, this pillow is just perfect for side sleepers and many pregnant moms prefer to sleep on their side to relieve the pressure from their bladder. Secondly, you can double the pillow over and prop your legs and feet on it to ease the swelling and soreness when you are reading, binge-watching or winding down during your third trimester. The thing is the C-shape eliminates the need to buy multiple pillows to support your back, hips, knee, neck and head separately. It cradles your entire body at once. Thirdly, the super-soft polyfill material inside moulds to the shape of your body when you change positions, so you stay supported.

All this goodness is sealed with double-stitched seams, and you know what, you don’t have to leave it behind in the house when you step out. This pillow comes with a travel and storage bag, so you do not have to spend a single night without your comfort sleep.

As for its terms & conditions, PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow comes with an impressive lifetime warranty for a price of around $61.99, in a soothing grey colour.

Users have given it a resounding rating of 4.5 stars with over 8,500 reviews on Amazon. Christiaan writes:

“I bought this pregnancy pillow earlier in my pregnancy, and didn’t use it as much, especially the part under my head, since I felt like it would give me a stiff neck if I put it on top of my pillow. But now that I’m in the third trimester it’s amazing. I suffer from heartburn at night, so propping the top of the C up on my pillow, and sleeping in an elevated position this way has kept me from nighttime heartburn many nights. To be honest yes, I sometimes do get a bit of a stiff neck from sleeping so elevated, but it’s so worth it for the heartburn relief. This pillow is soft and cosy, and my dogs absolutely love it too.”

Final Verdict: This PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is highly recommended for mums in their third trimester and even those who sleep on their side or are recovering from surgery. The full-body pillow lends head-to-toe support. Your only complaint may be having to share it with the rest of your family. From craftsmanship to its shape-shifting material that adjusts to your position, this C-shaped pregnancy pillow lives up to the hype.

3. Queen Rose 55in Full Body U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow – Editor’s Choice


Pregnancy can be a terrible time for hip and back pain. And if pain relief is what you have come here looking for, PharMeDoc’s U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow can be a good choice.

Its U-shape and 53” x 31” x 7” dimensions ensure that your back, hips and the entire body remain supported in the most relaxing way when you recline. But it’s so comforting that you may end up using it well after your pregnancy. Yes, while nursing your child, working on a laptop, or recovering from spinal issues, fibromyalgia, sciatica pain and general leg pain.

And guess what? You can remove one of its extensions and use it as a separate body pillow altogether. Which means, you can use this pillow across multiple body points to achieve the most comfortable position to sleep in.

Other specs are equally appealing. It comes with a 100% cotton cover that can be unzipped and removed for washing, and it is pretty cute-looking too, printed with polka dots. Many users have been singing praises of the fact that it arrives vacuum-sealed and is easy to fluff up.

Designed in California, PharMeDoc’s U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow comes at a competitive price of $74.99 and offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction.

With 4.5 star ratings and over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this one is a winner. Rachael Coley writes:

“I am 19 weeks pregnant and had been having difficulty sleeping due to my left hip getting too sore. I had been using a bunch of pillows prior to this to try and alleviate the pain in my hip, but this was terrible as I would be constantly waking up throughout the night re-organising the pillows. Then I ordered PharMeDoc. It has now been 1 week and I could not recommend this enough. It’s super comfy and cosy, you can literally cocoon yourself with the pillow and it supports your back, and also stops you rolling onto your back and supports your hip by raising your leg over it.”

Final Verdict: PharMeDoc’s U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow ticks all the right boxes for expectant moms. Being a full-size pillow, it supports both sides of the body and alleviates the hip and back pain not only during pregnancy but well after it too. Its material adjusts to the shape of your body and sleeping position perfectly, lulling you into a state of blissful sleep.

4. Total Body Support Pillow – Best supportive pillow


This pillow by Ultimate Sleep is designed after keeping the supportive needs of moms-to-be in mind. From legs to limbs, back to neck, and head to hips, it supports them all, thereby reducing muscle soreness and ensuring you wake refreshed no matter how you sleep. Users have found their swollen feet and legs, painful joints, lower back and hip pain ease out.

All credit goes to the 100% blend polyester ball fibre filling, which holds the shape use after use and laundry after laundry. Total Body Support Pillow is resistant to long-term wear, which means, you are assured of the same quality of sleep every night.

Like we mentioned before, it is machine-washable and doesn’t flatten out during the wash. Its casing and cover material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified and lend to a smooth surface to rest your tired body on.

Priced at $339, it surely is a splurge but don’t overlook the perks on offer: a 12-month guarantee against manufacturer’s defects and return for a replacement as well as a peace of mind that it’s made sustainably, within Australia.

The recipient of 5-star ratings, it is winning over Aussies. Sophie writes on Amazon:

“I have been using the Total Support Pregnancy Pillow for 4 months and it is fantastic! The pillow has allowed me to sleep on my sides comfortably whilst providing good support for my back. The pillow is extremely comfortable and is of excellent quality, fluffing up the arms keeps them nice and firm. Thanks to Ultimate Sleep for the wonderful product and service.”

Final verdict: The Total Body Support Pillow’s secret lies in the superb craftsmanship down to each fibre used in the filling. These fibres hold their lofty shape, they are made sustainably and they provide expectant and nursing moms the comfort they need without wearing out or going flat. Though it is a bit on the pricey side, this pillow offers durability that can sustain several pregnancies.f

5. Ovela Support Hug Maternity Pillow – Best Budget pick


So you are on a budget but don’t want to skimp on the quality either? No problem. We’ve sighted a maternity pillow that straddles both the worlds well. At just $49.99, Ovela Support Hug Maternity Pillow is high on affordability, versatility and comfort.

Designed to support from head till toe, its sleek design gives enough to keep your mommy body pain-free and well-rested. It is easy to manoeuvre around and find the most comfortable position to sleep in. It is also hailed as a super comfy pillow for breast-feeding moms.

They might have cut short the cost but certainly not the craftsmanship. It is comparable to other pregnancy body pillows in its build, measuring 150cm x 80cm and 2.8 kg. It comes with a soft cover made out of 100% cotton, which is cool to touch and convenient to remove and wash. There’s even a one-year limited warranty to protect you against manufacturing defects.

Bill D bought Ovela Support Hug Maternity Pillow for his daughter and gave it a 5-star review on Amazon, saying:

“I remembered my daughter telling me how she couldn’t wait to sleep on her side again after her first pregnancy. So when she gave me the news that another grandchild was on the way, I bought her this. She was so thankful and absolutely loves it.”

Final verdict: For budget-conscious moms, this pillow offers all the comfort and design features of other pregnancy pillows without sacrificing on the quality. We love the removable, soft cotton cover that can be washed as well as the lightweight design of this pillow. The warranty limits to manufacturing defects and does not offer what they call “change-of-mind” returns but from a sea of reviews that we have studied, it’s a trustworthy investment.

6. Butterfly Maternity Pillow – Best compact option


Many Aussie moms look for a compact body pillow and rightly so. One, it’s light to pack and travel around and goes with their on-the-go lifestyle. Two, some expectant mothers feel crowded by larger pillows, which can take a lot of their bed space. Butterfly Maternity Pillow fits the bill perfectly. It’s compact and shaped somewhat like a butterfly. It folds in half and can be stored or lugged around easily, while also offering the wrapped-in-comfort feeling.

We think the butterfly/wing design is a game-changer. It is minimalistic, effective and cute. You rest your body against the centrefold of the butterfly pillow and wrap the comfortable ‘wings’ around your body for support. This pillow is designed to support the side sleeping position and the underside of the belly in the best manner.

The inner build-up is worth a mention too. The stuffing is compartmentalised to avoid the material from balling and lumping up. Plus, the stuffing is hypoallergenic as well as resistant to the mould and mildew.

Not just specs, this pillow scores high on the price point as well, costing a modest $97. It comes with a 12-month warranty and if you don’t like it for some reason, there is a money-back guarantee for the first seven days. Many companies do not offer the money-back option, which, we think, shows the confidence and pride in their product.

Sim shared her 5-star review of the Butterfly Maternity Pillow on Amazon:

“Took a couple of days to get used to sleeping with, but it’s super comfortable and super supportive. Would definitely recommend the fact that it’s compact and doesn’t take up too much of bed.”

Final verdict: Butterfly Maternity Pillow has all the makings of a great compact body pillow. It takes up less space in your bed and in the car, in case you plan to travel with it. Foldable and compact, it supports side-sleeping, a position that’s often recommended for pregnant women. Its smaller-yet-functional design keeps the back and tummy in a relaxed state.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when buying a pregnancy pillow

Before you set out to buy a pregnancy pillow, keep in mind that every body has different needs. So your final choice should rest on what suits your body the most. Here’s the check-list.


Your pregnancy pillow should be able to deliver inside out. So look for the quality of stuffing and the ease of washing.

  • Filling: Pillows made with ordinary polyester fill tend to lose their shape over time whereas some pillows come with special fillings and sustainable materials.
  • Construction: Ensure that your pillow cover comes with double-stitching and a zip. This allows you to remove the pillow and wash it and keep it hygienic.


Comfort can mean many things to many people: Most pregnant moms like to sleep on the side; sensitive sleepers usually like their body pillow to be made of a softer material; some like the dense feeling of a pillow wrapping their body around. So study the reviews and see what matches your needs.

Size and Shape

Do you have a small bedroom? Do you travel often? Do you feel overwhelmed on a large pillow? These are important questions to ask before settling on the size of your pillow

As for the shape, each pillow, from the U-shaped to the C-shaped and the butterfly-shaped, offers a bit of different user experience. So consider your sleeping style and which parts you most need the support for while deciding on the shape of your desired pillow.


Terms & conditions can make or break a purchase decision, so read the guarantee and return policy for your peace of mind. Some manufacturers take returns no matter your reason while most pillows offer a guarantee that covers defects. 

It is important to note that some pregnancy pillows have a specialised return policy because these are intimate-use products, so read the fine print fully. Some returns are only accepted when there is a craftsmanship error or if you receive a defective pillow.


Price if, of course, the deciding factor but we insist you evaluate each pillow for its quality first and the price. This will assure that no matter what you choose to spend, you will be happy with your purchase overall.

Wrapping Up

And that concludes our Australia’s best pregnancy pillow guide. If you’ve got any further questions, queries or thoughts, leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you.

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