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Best Mattress Australia 2022: 10 top buys

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If there’s one thing we can all learn from the fable of ‘The Princess and the Pea’, it’s that the perfect mattress is as important as it is elusive. It can’t be too firm, nor too soft. It’s got to keep you cool through the blazing Australian summers but remain sturdy enough to last you for years. A new mattress is a big purchase and a bigger commitment; you don’t want to make a choice you’ll regret in the months and years ahead.

We’ve heard from Aussies far and wide who feel paralysed by indecision at the sheer number of fantastic mattresses out there. Believe us, we feel your pain! That’s why we’ve worked to compile a collection of ten of the best mattresses in Australia you can buy right now. Struggling with mattress shopping fatigue? You won’t be for long!

Best Mattresses in Australia: Compared



The New Koala Mattress

Editor’s Pick


25,298 user reviews analysed

Peacelily Mattress

Best Latex (100% Organic)


Across 98 user reviews

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable Firmness


Across 12,976 user reviews

Queen: $1,099 $899 Coupon code: EC200

Emma Comfort Mattress

Best Budget


Across 445 user reviews

Delta Sleep Mattress

Best Australian-made


Across 21 user reviews

Queen: $1,131 $565

Noa Luxe Mattress

Best Splurge


Across 945 user reviews

Queen: $1,499 $1,199

Ergoflex 5G Mattress

Best Memory Foam


Across 8,240 user reviews

Queen: $1,499 $1024

Sleeping Duck Mattress

Most Customisable


Across 7,485 user reviews

Zinus iCoil Pocket Spring Foam Mattress

Bargain Pick


Across 80 user reviews

Sleep Republic Mattress

Best for Heavier Folks (100+ kg)


Across 588 user reviews

Macoda Mattress

Best for Hot Sleepers


Across 181 user reviews

Our Methodology: How did we create this list?

It wasn’t easy: we pulled upon our collective knowledge and experience, picking through the internet with the utmost care and consulting only the most trusted user reviews. Ultimately, we put together a list of the ten best mattresses from top brands—based on materials, price, comfort and innovation—that both our team and Australia at large were thrilled with. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Best Mattresses Buying Guide

We’re here to provide reviews and purchasing advice, but ultimately, only one person can truly decide which mattress is best for you. And that person is, well… you! So what are the factors you should look out when shopping for a prospective mattress-for-life?

Mattress Types

There are a myriad of mattress types out there which make use of different materials and design methods to bring their own brand of comfort. Here are the most common ones:

  • Memory Foam – Supportive, pressure-relieving and adaptive. Memory foam mattresses are famous for the ‘sinking’ feeling that comes from the material contouring to the body during the night. Typically, however, memory foam can absorb body heat, leading to a less-than comfortable night’s sleep. Despite this, an overwhelming number of modern mattresses utilise some kind of memory foam component because of how beneficial the material is for relieving pain and keeping the body aligned.
  • Latex Foam – Bouncier and more reactive than memory foam. Rather than the distinctive sink of memory foam, latex-dominant mattresses adopt a characteristic cloud-like quality. They’re also typically more breathable than memory foam and cooler as a result.
  • Innerspring – Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Innerspring mattresses make use of hundreds (often thousands) of individually-pocketed coils to provide a bouncy, breathable sleep experience. Due to the coils’ individually-pocketed nature, they don’t impact each other, making for superb edge support and natural motion isolation.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid mattresses combine features of the above mattress types (or others) to make a veritable ‘super mattress’ that combines the strong points of multiple materials. For example, a memory foam layer atop an innerspring base would provide pressure-relief (à la memory foam) while absorbing less heat than your typical memory foam (thanks to the breathable innerspring).

Sleep Position and Firmness

The position you tend to adopt during the night will go a long way towards determining how firm you’ll need any potential mattress to be.

  • Side sleepers, due to the lack of natural cushioning on the hips and shoulders, will most likely need a softer mattress. 
  • Back sleepers, on the other hand, will benefit from a firmer mattress which helps keep their spine aligned during the night. 
  • Finally, front sleepers—similarly to back sleepers—will also benefit from a firmer mattress to keep the body in its proper shape. 

Of course, these are just general guidelines; personal preference will always play a major role in finding the right level of firmness for you. Plus, your weight will also need to come into consideration: heavier sleepers tend to need the support of a firmer mattress while lighter folks would likely benefit from more cushioning.

Company Support

Most Australian mattress brands, especially the ones operating online, offer an array of similar customer service features. Make sure that any mattress you buy comes with the following perks: if not, you could be left without the support you need.

  • Free Australia-wide delivery – Most online mattress brands offer free delivery nationwide. Many even offer 24-hour (or quicker) delivery to metro areas.
  • 100-night risk-free trial – Some companies may have their own name for this or adjust the time period slightly (120 nights, for example), but it’s nearly an industry standard for companies to offer a lengthy trial window for the mattress. If you change your mind within that window, the company will pick up your mattress free of charge and grant you a full refund.
  • Warranty – While the details can vary significantly depending on the company in terms of length and the circumstances that justify a warranty claim (always read the company’s terms and conditions for details), it’s practically unheard of for companies to offer nothing in the way of a mattress warranty. If there’s no mention of a warranty, be concerned, very concerned.


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Australia’s Top Rated Mattresses Brands Reviewed

So you know what makes a good mattress, you’ve seen our ten top mattress picks, but do you know what exactly makes them so spectacular? Let’s find out…

1. The New Koala Mattress – Editor’s Pick

Want a mattress with as few miles under its belt as possible? The award-winning Koala mattress—designed in Australia—has got you covered. Created using high-quality and environmental-friendly materials and with 1% of all of its revenue donated to charities, the all new Koala mattress ticks most boxes of a good bed.

The new Koala mattress ditches the firm’s prior “one bed fits all” approach to something more versatile. Additionally, now the Koala mattress lineup has three models – The New Koala, The New Calm, and The New Soul Mate.

The new design comes with a double-sided Kloudcel comfort layer, allowing sleepers to choose between medium-firm(6/10) and firm (7/10) sleeping surfaces. The customisable firmness is what we think is a game-changer and makes the mattress a versatile pick for most folks. Further, free 4-hour delivery in the metros, 120-day sleep trial and tried-and-true after-sale support makes a strong case for Koala mattress. 

No doubt, the new Koala mattress is well-built, but the real question is – is it comfortable enough and most importantly, is it right for you? Let’s find out. 


The top comfort layer is made of 7cm thick double-sided Kloudcell foam, which is flippable to choose between medium-firm and firm sides. The Kloudcell foam is Koala’s proprietary blend, which combines the gentle sink of memory foam with the responsiveness and breathability of latex. Underneath this is a layer of a zoned supportive core that pairs with the Kloudcell, helping to distribute weight, isolate motion and prevent body misalignment throughout the night.

Comfort & Feel:

The default medium-side rates 6 on the firmness scale where 1 is very soft and 10 is very firm. Light to average weight side sleepers would most certainly prefer the medium side as it offers a good amount of pressure relief around the shoulder and hips. 

Depending on the preference, light to average weight back sleepers may feel comfortable on either side. They should experience good support and spinal alignment. 

The firmer configuration sits close to 7/10 on the firmness scale and should suit light to average weight stomach and select back sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a firmer bed to prevent the spine from sinking too much and prevent tension build-up in the lumbar region. 

Generally, the new Koala mattress should suit most sleepers – back, side or stomach. The mattress also sleeps temperature-neutral and does not trap too much heat. However, heavier folks (above 105kgs) may not feel well supported on this mattress (or any all-foam mattress in general) and may want to go for a hybrid innerspring mattress. 

Additionally, those looking for a mattress to soothe back aches would be better suited atop the Ergoflex 5g Memory Foam mattress; the Koala may possess memory foam qualities, but it doesn’t offer the same body-conforming (and pain-relieving) qualities of dedicated memory foam. With that said, many reviews do still cite impressive pain-relieving qualities with this mattress.

Starting at a bargain $750, the Koala mattress is a champion in terms of price. Still, if you’re hesitant to give it a go, the company offers a 120-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty (covering sag of 1 inch or more), so you can try it out completely worry-free.

Reviews for the Koala mattress are almost entirely positive, with Jackie from productreview.com.au swearing absolute devotion to the brand: 

“Will only ever buy a koala mattress.. This is the third one I have bought from Koala (second for myself after upsizing) and they just deliver every time. Now that my body is used to the kind of mattress -probably a little firmer than most I could never go back to a spring mattress.”

Final Verdict: In the latest iteration, Koala has taken into account the customer feedback seriously and has come out with a mattress that is comfortable and versatile. We rate the new Koala mattress as our top pick for the best mattress option in Australia. 


2. Peacelily Latex Mattress – Best Latex

Peacelily (formerly fern earth) is a firm believer in making mattresses the right way, with environmentally-friendly production processes and the use of sustainable materials. Don’t like the idea of your new mattress reaching your door after a production cocktail of harsh substances, hard labour and pollutants? We don’t blame you; that’s why we recommend the Peacelily Latex Mattress, an organic, hand-made latex mattress that also happens to offer an outstanding night’s sleep with a range of unique features including adjustable firmness.


The Peacelily mattress’ Dunlop latex is sourced 100% naturally from Sri-Lanka; it’s also eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified, meaning that there are absolutely zero traces of harmful substances or pollutants in the product. Additionally, all of the mattress’ materials—from the latex, to the glue and the soft cotton cover—are hypoallergenic and 100% natural, assembled by hand in Peacelily’s own factory. The cotton itself is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, meaning that it’s non-toxic and produced in an environment that “enforces strict social and environmental standards”.

Comfort & Feel:

There’s no denying that the Peacelily Latex mattress comes free of guilt or health concerns, but how comfortable is it? That’s where this product truly shows its colours, offering an adjustable firmness option with its supportive, open-cell latex. Place the mattress one way up for a ‘medium’ firmness sleep experience. Flip it over, however, and you’ll enjoy the support of a ‘firm’ night’s sleep. A huge range of sleepers will find themselves catered for with this dynamic mattress, and not just because of its adjustable firmness: latex is naturally supportive and suitable for a range of sleeping styles too.

Impressed? Well we’re not done. In addition to a 100-night risk-free trial and free shipping, Peacelily mattresses also come with a staggering 25-year warranty. Granted, a free-of-charge replacement or repair is only in the cards for the first 10 years of that period, but you’ll still be eligible for a (gradually decreasing) discount on a replacement between years 11 and 25.

We’ve covered a lot of positives with Peacelily’s offering, and we’re not surprised to find a range of overjoyed reviews reflecting this. Many customers place particular praise on the product’s pain-relieving and hypoallergenic properties. 

M.Widmer from productreview.com.au agrees, stating the following: 

“For years now my wife and myself have woken up in the morning tired and with pain in our hips and back. Being both in our 50s we believed our age would contribute to most of this pain and we never actually questioned our old mattress.

After only sleeping for two days on our new King size Peacelily mattress most of the pain is gone. We feel really relaxed and pain free in the mornings. And we have not even installed the topper yet as it is on backorder. I definitely highly recommend this product. Thanks”

Final Verdict: This 100% organic latex mattress does more than support the environment with natural, completely hand-made production methods and materials; it supports you too! Whether you prefer a softer or firmer sleeping experience, the Peacelily mattress can flip to your preference: medium or firm (with a soft option available by purchasing an additional topper). It’s probably the best latex mattress in Australia, and we couldn’t recommend it more heartily.

2. Noa Luxe Mattress – Best Splurge

“Luxe” may be a shortening of the word “luxury”, but rest assured, this mattress in no way falls short when it comes to providing a luxurious, five-star sleeping experience. Designed by the folks at Noa to replicate the memorable ‘hotel sleeping experience’, the Luxe mattress is our ‘Editor’s Pick’ for offering a feature-packed product with premium, eco-friendly materials and exceptional comfort at a reasonable price.


There’s an astounding collection of components that go into each Luxe mattress. First, you’ll find the breathable Tencel cover, which is not only naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, but also hand-tufted (like a carpet). This means that the cover won’t bunch up and wrinkle over time. Next, there’s a layer of cooling memory foam, ideal for keeping both unwanted aches and the Australian heat at bay. Below the memory foam is a layer of bamboo charcoal latex, which thanks to its unique, eco-friendly material and open-cell structure, is odourless, hypoallergenic and ideally suited for absorbing excess moisture. Underneath that is a layer of Noa’s innovative micro-coils, 3cm springs that adapt to the body’s weight and movements, providing comfort and support in equal measure. Finally, there’s a layer of motion-isolating foam, all sitting atop a 5-zone pocket spring base positioned primarily to keep your hip, spine and lower back aligned all throughout the night.

Additionally, the Luxe mattress has been thoroughly tested and certified as eco-friendly and free of hazardous chemicals. It’s OEKO-TEX certified, REACH certified (the EU equivalent of theCertiPur-US certification) and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Put simply, it’s good for both you and the environment. What’s not to love?

Comfort & Feel:

These components work in conjunction to create a medium-firm sleeping experience that, Noa reports, is preferred by “nearly 80%” of its customers. With the pressure-relieving memory foam and the ergonomic zoned support of the pocket springs, this mattress is great for a variety of sleepers, but anyone suffering from aches or pains will find more benefit here than most. 

Prices start at $1,099 for the single size, a price that—considering how much Noa has packed into this mattress—is incredibly reasonable. What’s more, Noa offers free delivery within 2 to 4 days within Australian metropolitan areas. And if (somehow) you change your mind and decide that the Luxe isn’t for you after all, you’ve got 100 nights after purchase to return it for a full refund (including free collection). Noa is confident you’ll be happy with its mattress, however, and offers a remarkable 15-year warranty (covering sag of 1 inch or more) as proof.

Tony Nghiem, a productreview.com.au user, left a glowing review praising the Luxe mattress’ pain-relieving qualities: 

“Super supportive. I have two herniated disks and this mattress has been so much better compared to my old mattress which was sinking in the middle. My back and neck has definitely improved. Highly recommend.”

Final Verdict: The Noa Luxe is a veritable box of tricks, and a comfortable one at that. We love the range of features afforded by its hybrid design, with memory foam that keeps the spine and joints in their rightful place; open-cell latex and water-based adhesives that promote airflow and keep even the hottest sleepers cool; plus micro-coils and a pocket spring base that provides an otherwise missing element of bounce and reactivity. There’s a little bit of everything in the Luxe mattress, making it one of the best mattresses out there.

We love it and the reviews agree. The Noa Luxe mattress wins the honour of being our Editor’s Choice. Buy it and we’re sure you’ll see why.

3. Emma Comfort Mattress – Best Budget

The word “budget” often comes attached with a slew of not-so appealing connotations. Looking at the multi-award winning Emma Mattress, with prices starting at $599, you might feel compelled to search the web for reviews detailing “inevitable” shortcomings in its design, construction or Emma’s customer service. You can try, but we think you’ll struggle. The Emma mattress is a genuinely outstanding product that just so happens to be shockingly affordable. The company is proud to offer all the same mattress-in-a-box company staples: the 100-night risk-free trial, a generous warranty, free delivery and (of course) a superbly designed product, all at a price that puts its competitors to shame.


The Emma mattress’ three foam layers work together to create a medium-firm sleep experience that’s designed to, as Emma states, “suit every body type and all sleeping positions”. And, thankfully, every material used in the product is OEKO TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1 certified, meaning they’re all free from substances harmful to humans.

At the top is the eco-friendly Hyperfoam, which brings an element of bounciness and breathability to the mattress, in addition to boasting dedicated motion isolation technology. Sandwiched in the middle is the thick, pressure-relieving polyether foam layer. This dense foam adapts to and supports the body, distributing weight evenly across its 7 discrete zones; it’s this layer’s adaptability that helps the product suit such a wide range of sleepers. Last (but certainly not least) is the supportive point-elastic foam, which provides much-needed lower back support (easing aches and pains) while increasing the product’s already impressive motion isolation features. And this team of foam layers is all wrapped in a breathable, moisture-wicking polyester and elastane cover that can easily be removed and washed, helping to extend the mattress’ longevity.

Comfort & Feel:

What does all this mean for you? It means that the Emma mattress will leave you a cool, comfortable and undisturbed Aussie with a reassuringly intact bank balance! That’s right. This is a cheap mattress with no hidden costs or nasty loopholes. Emma offers free delivery across Australia (within 3 working days to metropolitan areas and 4 days everywhere else), a 100-night trial with free returns and a 10-year warranty covering sag of 1 inch or more. Everything you’d expect from the less wallet-friendly companies is present and accounted for with Emma. How do they do it? We don’t know, but we certainly appreciate it.

We give the Emma mattress a ‘thumbs up’ and it seems customers do too, judging by the glowing reviews and quantity of awards that populate the internet. A short adjustment period is evidently common, but after the brief ‘teething period’, customers report night-time elation. Anne from Melbourne gave the product five stars on productreview.com, stating:

“Took a couple of nights to get used to it but (I’m) very happy with our sleep. Husband no longer wakes during the night in a sweat, so definitely a plus.”

Final Verdict: Emma hasn’t made any cuts with this mattress. That is, except for in terms of the price! Its dynamic three-layer foam construction gives the product qualities that suit all kinds of sleepers—front, back or side—and the motion isolating features will stop partners from driving each other crazy during the night. Plus, with the 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, you needn’t worry about buyer’s remorse with the Emma mattress. For buyers on a budget, we can’t think of a better choice!

4. Sleeping Duck – Best Mattress for Customisation

Your body and its comfort requirements aren’t made to a template. If you find that most mattresses are a little too inflexible with their design, offering just one level of firmness across their whole surface, you might benefit from a mattress with strong customisation features.

The Sleeping Duck mattress offers exactly that.

By customising it to your needs, making it firmer and more supportive where needed—softer and bouncier elsewhere—the Sleeping Duck mattress can be made to reflect your specific sleep needs. By letting customers pick and swap out up to 12 discrete ‘modules’ on their mattress (6 modules for each partner), Sleeping Duck gives them the power to determine the exact firmness of each segment of their mattress. No more comfort-based arguments between couples; no more decisions between cushioned hips and a supported spine; and absolutely no more restless nights. With Sleeping Duck’s hybrid mattress, you and your partner can customise to your heart’s content (within the first 100 nights) until every inch of your body receives exactly the support it’s searching for.


The mattress is composed of two foam layers sitting atop a 5-zone pocket spring base. The first foam layer (not the customisable one) combines both the bouncy properties of latex with the supportive nature of memory foam. It’s pressure expanded too, making it 8 times more breathable than foams expanded using the typical chemical method. The customisable foam layer is made of polyurethane; you decide whether it’s medium-firm or firm (or even a combination of the two). Finally, the pocket spring base is what makes this a hybrid mattress, providing an element of reactivity with each spring nestled in its own discrete pocket. Plus, the springs are set out to properly support the 5 ‘zones’ of the sleeping body: head and shoulders; back and spine; hips and lower back; legs and knees; feet and ankles.

This really is a top pick for partners with varying and/or very specific sleeping preferences. It’s completely up to you how granular you get with customising your mattress. If you suffer from back pain and need the support of a firm mattress, while your partner craves the cushioning of a softer sleeping surface, this mattress has got exactly what you need. And with edges reinforced with heavy gauge coil springs, you can sleep right up to the edge of this mattress too; there’s no risk of falling off, much less of unwanted ‘drooping’ during the night,

Starting at $799 for the single—and with free delivery, returns and customisations within the first 100 nights—the Sleeping Duck mattress isn’t outrageously priced for how innovative it is. Like its competitors, Sleeping Duck also offers a 100-night risk-free trial, which is also the customisation window afforded to each customer. It’s crucial that you bear this in mind because after those first 100 nights, you won’t be able to customise your mattress any further. Finally, the company offers a 10-year warranty covering sag of 3cm or more so you can buy with the reassurance of Sleeping Duck’s guarantee.

Buyer Reviews:

A large part of our research process involves scouring buyer reviews, and we’re pleased to report that the vast majority of reviewers for the Sleeping Duck mattress had nothing but praise for the company’s product and service. Some buyers reported an odour in the mattress that persisted for some time, but that’s the most severe complaint we encountered. 

One buyer, Robyn Davis from Productreview.com, gave exceptional praise for the mattress’ pain-relieving properties in their product review, stating: We chose a firm mattress and it’s perfect for our ailments i.e. lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. We’ve both had surgery: knee (myself) and shoulder (husband). We’ve noticed that we have uninterrupted sleep since getting our Sleeping Duck mattress. Its so comfortable. It seems durable and has maintained its shape firmness. No sagging to report of.”

Final Verdict: Sleeping Duck has made a mattress that can be customised to suit every one of us. Whether we need something firm, a little softer or a mixture of the two, there’s a Sleeping Duck mattress setup that’s ideal for us all. Plus, with a 100-day customisation window, there’s plenty of time to find that ideal setup. For picky sleepers (or partners of picky sleepers), this is a superb choice, combining support, bounce, reactivity and breathability in one dynamic, Australian-designed hybrid mattress.

5. Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable Firmness

A good mattress can easily outlive your sleeping preferences. What do you do when, for example, a developing lower-back pain issue makes your formerly perfect soft mattress a waking nightmare? Do you invest hundreds (or thousands) in an all-new mattress? If you were the owner of an Ecosa mattress, you could simply adjust its firmness to suit your new needs. That’s right! Thanks to the Ecosa mattress’ shuffleable foam layers, you can have complete control over your sleep experience.


The Ecosa mattress takes on dramatically different properties depending on which of its three foam layers you place on top. Place the ‘medium’ firmness G-7 Memory Foam layer on top for a softer sleeping experience that’ll keep you cool thanks to the gel particles infused with the material. Put the ‘medium-firm’ ECO-Tex layer in the dominant position and you’ll enjoy properties akin to latex: bouncy and durable. Finally, with the ‘firm’ High-Density Ergonomic Support Foam layer on top, you’ll sleep easy with your spine, joints and pressure points supported and properly aligned.

Prices for the Ecosa mattress start at $799, with free same-day delivery to Australian metropolitan areas. Much like its competitors, Ecosa also offers a 100-night risk-free trial; if you aren’t happy with it, they’ll pick it up for free and refund you the mattress’ entire cost. And when it comes to warranties, Ecosa outperforms almost every other player in the mattress market, offering a 15-year warranty covering sag of 2cm (0.8 inches) or more. That’s generous, and it speaks to the confidence Ecosa has in this superb product.

Buyer Reviews:

Reviews for the Ecosa mattress are overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of buyers recommending the product for side sleepers more so than back or front sleepers. One review from an Ecosa customer, Penny from productreview.com, highlighted how the mattress put her old, unsupportive mattress to shame:

“This mattress is incredibly supportive and comfortable. My husband and I are sleeping extremely well and I only now realise now how unsupportive of our old mattress was. We are really happy with it and the price point was also very good.”

Final Verdict: There’s no need to make any firmness commitments with the adjustable Ecosa mattress. Since its founding in 2015, Australian company Ecosa’s products have spread all over the world, earning accolades and bringing the gift of good sleep wherever they go. This mattress continues Ecosa’s winning streak, offering a range of firmness options with its multitude of foam layers. Whether you want it soft and cool; firm and sturdy; or bouncy and breathable, the Ecosa mattress is happy to provide.

6. Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress – Best Memory Foam

Ask anyone with chronic pain. It’s… well, a pain! If you’re a fellow sufferer, you’ll know fully well what we mean. With the Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam mattress, however, your ache-filled nights may well come to an end. With its 5-layer design, this mattress makes use of the highest-quality, CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials (including Ergoflex’s proprietary 5th Gen True HD ACPT foam) to offer much-needed relief to those dealing with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, circulation problems or joint issues.


Luxury and pain-relief are the name of the game here. Encased within the mattress’ TENCEL removable outer cover and MicroFine inner cover are three unique foam layers, each bringing something new in the way of unique properties. First is the High-Density ACPT Memory Foam, which combines an open-cell structure with dense foam, contouring around the body during the night to provide unrivalled support and pressure-relief. Next is the Cool-Sleep Airflow Foam layer which, as the name suggests, is designed to keep temperatures down and air flowing free. Finally, there’s the High-Resilience Impact Resistant Foam layer, which acts as the solid foundation and works with the ACPT layer to minimise motion transfer. Together these layers form a single luxurious, supportive mattress that sits at a comfortable ‘medium-firm’, suitable for the vast majority of sleeping styles.

The Ergoflex may be a mattress with high-quality materials and outstanding build-quality, but it’s not priced as harshly as its direct competitors. Starting at $929, it’s a bargain compared to mattresses made by companies like Tempur (one of its fiercest rivals). Be warned, however, delivery isn’t free (expect to pay $19.99), although with 24-hour Australia-wide shipping there’s at least a speedy service to justify that cost. Ergoflex also ignores the norms established by its online competitors when it comes to the reliable risk-free trial. The company does offer a trial, but it’s only 30-nights, nothing like the 100, 120 or 150-night affair we’ve grown accustomed to. What’s more, you can only ‘cash-in’ on the return after the first 21 nights (due to the expected 3-week mattress adjustment period). This may, understandably, trigger alarm bells in your mind. Thankfully, at least the warranty (10 years covering sag of 1 inch or more) will put your mind at ease, considering that Ergoflex is the only mattress-in-a-box company that’s existed for long enough to prove the claims made by its warranty.

Reviews, both from professionals and consumers, shower the Ergoflex mattress with praise. Grant, a productreview.com user, saw fit to write his own glowing review (after 8 years of ownership) following a night on someone else’s non-Ergoflex mattress:

“We purchased our mattress in 2012 and I dont think I will ever sleep on anything else. We recently slept on an innerspring mattress and I woke up sore every morning. It was great to be back on our Ergoflex.”

Final Verdict: It’s a luxurious, pain-relieving mattress with a pesky digit or two chipped off the price tag. The Ergoflex mattress offers three unique foam layers that combine to create a supportive ‘medium-firm’ sleeping experience that’s specifically designed for those with chronic back pain, joint pain or health complaints exacerbated by improper night-time support.

In all, Ergoflex 5G is an excellent option for anyone looking for a memory foam mattress, and we think it’s probably the best mattress for back pain relief in Australia.

8. Sleep Republic Mattress – Best for Heavier Folks (100kg+)

When it comes to finding an ideal slumber solution, heavier folks can have a harder time than most. They need a mattress that’s firm enough to provide support to the most vulnerable areas (i.e. hips and shoulders) while remaining reactive, sturdy and able to distribute weight evenly. What mattress excels at all of the above? The Sleep Republic mattress! This hybrid mattress—made of memory foam, latex and pocket springs—supports, cushions and cools in equal measure. Heavier sleepers, you’ve found your match!


With 2,250 pocket springs (for the King size) packed into the mattress’ base, its ability to react to weight and movement throughout the night is unparalleled. Thanks to the individually-pocketed nature of these springs, they ‘keep their movements to themselves’, drastically reducing any amount of motion transfer and keeping your partner undisturbed all night long. Layered on top of these springs are a natural, airflow regulating latex and a gel-infused, pressure-relieving memory foam. The three core layers, encased in a 3D spacer fabric (which also promotes airflow), work together and help create a medium-firm mattress that’s ideally suited for Australia’s heavy sleepers.

It’s not too threatening for the wallet either, starting at $629 for the Single. Factor in free Australia-wide shipping, a 100-night risk-free trial and a 12-year warranty covering sag of 3.5cm or more (roughly 1.4 inches) and you have some compelling reasons to give the Sleep Republic life a go!

The company has been in the game for over 20 years. If anyone knows their stuff, it’s them, and we’re not the only ones who think that way: the myriad of online reviews can’t believe what Sleep Republic has packed into one comfort-loaded box. 

Michelle from productreview.com states: “I have only had my sleep republic mattress for two weeks now and I must say Im definitely in love with it. I am generally a side/tummy sleeper and prefer a softer mattress. This mattress is a perfect combination of support and softness. Very happy with it so far!!”

Final Verdict: The Sleep Republic mattress is not just ideal for heavier sleepers, it’s a golden example of what hybrid mattresses should strive to be: reactive, supportive, cool and sturdy. By combining springs, latex and memory foam, the company has met all expectations (and exceeded them with top-notch edge support and temperature neutrality too). This is a medium-firm mattress that shouldn’t go ignored!

9. Macoda Mattress – Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Do you find yourself all too often waking up soaked in sweat? We can hardly blame you with the heat of the Australian summer. In fact, let us offer a remedy for your overheating woes: the Macoda mattress. Thanks to the thousands of cooling beads infused within its memory foam layer, this hybrid mattress boasts outstanding cooling capabilities, which, when combined with the breathable and moisture-wicking bamboo cover, will leave even the hottest of hot sleepers feeling cooler than an arctic iced coffee.


So it’s a hybrid mattress, but a hybrid between what exactly? A little bit of everything it seems! With swappable latex and memory foam layers (more on that shortly), a support foam layer and an innerspring base, there’s the best of a whole bunch of worlds with the Macoda mattress. Latex offers an element of bounciness, while memory foam provides pressure relief; the support foam helps ensure the longevity of the mattress and the innerspring base prevents motion isolation, distributes body weight and provides a much-needed boost to edge support.

We mentioned swappable layers, which is the final trick up this mattress’ sleeve. By swapping and/or flipping the memory foam and latex layers (both enclosed in the top of the mattress), you can choose between a “soft“, “medium“ or “firm“ comfort setting. With this innovative feature, Macoda has catered to all sleep positions and body types equally.

Starting from $750, the Macoda mattress comes with free delivery and returns; a 10-year warranty covering sag of 3.5cm (1.4 inches approx) or more; and a 100-night risk-free trial. Everything you could hope for in terms of post-purchase support.

We’re impressed with this mattress’ cooling and firmness-swapping capabilities, and it seems that customers are too judging by the reviews.

David from productreview.com left an outstanding review, stating: “After sleeping on this mattress for over a month, it is truly incredible. Very comfortable, supportive with just the right level of firmness. Id say its 5.5/10 on the firmness scale. Customer service was superb and delivery was very fast. This mattress and this company are highly underrated.”

Final Verdict: The Macoda mattress brings the best of memory foam, latex and innerspring mattresses while avoiding many of the components’ major pitfalls (particularly memory foam’s heat-retaining qualities). For the hot sleepers of the world, this is one cool—in every sense of the word—mattress from a particularly “underrated” company.

10. Zinus iCoil Pocket Spring Foam Mattress – Bargain Pick

Mattresses are costly investments, potentially reaching into the thousands of dollars. Just because they can be that expensive, however, doesn’t mean they have to be. The Zinus mattress, starting at $239 (for the single), is a perfect example of this. For that mega-cheap price, you’ll get a great hybrid mattress comprising three CertiPUR-US Certified foam layers atop an innerspring base. Other, more expensive mattresses may boast premium materials and luxurious features, but Zinus’ offering is not to be sniffed at, certainly not for the price.


The three foam layers—one comfort foam sandwiched between two high-density foams—work together to create a “medium” firmness which should suit most sleepers. Plus, the innerspring base’s springs work independently to react to the body, prevent motion transfer and ensure solid edge support. This may not be a fancy mattress, but it’s still not short of the important stuff.

Free delivery and a 10-year warranty (on sag greater than 1.5 inches) serve as reassurance that, despite its price, Zinus is a company that offers the same level of service as its pricier competitors. The only shortcoming comes with the lack of risk-free trial (only US customers purchasing directly from Zinus benefit from that perk); you’re at the mercy of your retailer’s return policy when it comes to changing your mind unfortunately.

Gregg, a reviewer from amazon.com, was blown away with his Zinus mattress, comparing it favourably to far costlier alternatives: “I can’t believe how cheap it was. Our previous name brand mattress cost almost 10 times as much but this one is better. It has “motion separation” too so my wife isn’t disturbed when I roll over in the middle of the night.”

Final Verdict: Bells and whistles be damned; for the price, the Zinus mattress is a serious contender in the mattress game, offering a “medium” firmness hybrid experience. If you’re happy with sacrificing a dedicated 100-night trial (and for the price, we think you might be), this Zinus mattress could be your budget mattress superstar!

Wrapping Up

Mattresses are the centrepoint of any sleep setup. More than anything else—framepillow or topper—it’s crucial that you choose wisely when shopping for yours. We think that these are ten of the best mattresses available in Australia right now and the reviews agree. 

Of course, with the vast majority of them coming with generous trial periods, there’s no harm in shopping around and spending the time finding the one that has you drifting off like you’re on a lavender-scented cloud. Looking forward to your search? You should be! There are some seriously restful nights ahead of you…

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